How Susan McGalla Is Influencing A New Generation Of Female Leaders

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman and consultant. McGalla is currently on the board of HFF Inc., a company that provides real estate services. McGalla was influenced by her upbringing in East Liverpool, Ohio. McGalla’s father was a football coach, and she also had two older brothers. At an early age, McGalla was taught to work hard and believe in herself. McGalla believed that her gender would not deter her from success. McGalla received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College.

McGalla is considered an inspiration to women who aspire to be in leadership positions. Research has shown that companies that gender diversity are doing better than their peers are doing better than their peers. These companies are seen as more likely to embrace new concepts. McGalla started her career at American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer for women’s clothes. When McGalla started at American Eagle Outfitters, all of the executives were men. However, McGalla worked her way up through American Eagle Outfitters to eventually become the President and Chief Merchandise Officer.

After leaving American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla eventually founded P3 Executive Consulting. McGalla was able to turn that opportunity into becoming The President of Business Strategy and Create Development for The Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla is actively encouraging fans to purchase Pittsburgh Steelers gear. In a male dominated industry, McGalla continues to stand out. McGalla says that she never planned on breaking barriers. She never developed a chip on her shoulder due to her gender.

Moving Forward

It’s important for more women to have opportunities to lead. Rising above the glass ceiling continues to be an issue, even as more networks and initiatives are developing for women. The networking allows women to interact and share ideas with each other. With men still holding the majority of leadership positions around the World. It is difficult for women to make an impact.

More women are seeking decision making executives to sponsor them. These sponsorship opportunities would help show males in executive positions that women can be leaders as well.

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