Michael Terpins: Famous Brazilian Car Tracker

The younger brother of Rodrigo Terpins, Michael Terpins, was born in 1979 in Sao Paulo. He is a famous rally tracker and a Brazilian. His father, Jack Terhins was a renowned basketball player and volunteered in numerous roles across Brazil. He chose his career in rally tracking, despite Brazilians being associated with football, at a tender age having been mentored by his father together with his brother, Rodrigo. Michael is amongst the zealous and talented Brazilian rally trackers who keep rally driving entertaining and interesting. He is rated amongst the best in Brazil, holding an eighteen point lead.

Michael began his racing profession in 2002 in the motorcycle competition category when he was 23 years old. After developing experience in the motorcycle racing sport, he shifted to car tracking. He has won numerous races, and he has never slowed down despite being over 40-years old. The forty-year-old, Michael, co-founded the Bull Sertoes rally group with Rodrigo Terpins. He uses a T-Rex, from MEM Motorsport together with his partner, Maykel Justo. He engaged in the Sertoes rally, the Mitsubishi cup and the Brazilian cross-country championship. Michael’s speed and determination coupled with continuous practiced made him a successful car driver.

Notably, Michael engaged in the Prototype T1 category of the 22nd Sertoes Rally Championship that was a 7-stage, 2600 kilometers long race traversing two states. He emerged 7th with a time record of 56 minutes and 5th position overall. The rally was meant to test the driver’s dynamic, mental and physical ability and skills. It had a rough and tough terrain requiring much skill and caution.

One unique character about Michael is his ability to enjoy every race and readiness to face the unknown. He believes that every part of the day delivers him new challengers to face. This explains his confident in the T-Rex car that he uses to unfold the end of competition . Michael Terpins spends much time couching youths with passion in car driving sports.

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