Talkspace Online Therapy and Reviews

A recent survey by a South Korean company indicates that most of the teenagers are likely to develop depression due to a lot of time spent various social media platforms. The rise in depression has led to the development of Talkspace; an avenue that enables people to get help from certified professionals. The mobile service saves people the cost of traveling to various counseling offices or booking appointments. One can access a therapist through video chats such as Skype, phone calls, and text messages.

Talk space has been able to make giant reaps as recently they have signed a contract with Magellan Health. Magellan health patients will be able to have access to talk space and therefore simplifying their service delivery mechanisms. Talkspace enables clients to access the services at their convenience which is excellent considering the struggle of juggling with work hours. Talkspace has established affordable plans ranging from as low as $39-$49 per weeks. Scott Christenelly, from Talkspace, is pleased with the online tool as it has helped establish a good relationship with the clients and helped him build his practice. The online platform sparks an instant connection with clients because one can handpick the services one wishes. Clients enjoy an autonomy which would have been difficult to achieve in the manual process. Clients can be at home because the platform does not create the need for instant response and gives the clients and therapist to explore their approach towards the issue.

Several people have come to give their testimony on the services rendered by Talkspace. Michelle, one the clients, praised Talkspace because it fits her schedule which involves flying out of the country often. After two months using the services, she had finally shed her burdens and was feeling better. Erin Brodwin expressed her joy because Talkspace has a stepwise program that is easy to follow. Her therapist was thoughtful with the remedies she gave and with only seven days spent on texting she was able to get relief.

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