David Giertz’s ideas on how to be a successful entreptreneur

David Giertz is a businessman who shares widely with the young people especially on the ways through which they could become CEOs the way he is today. He was the president of Nationwide Financer’s sale and Distributors Corporation. He has proved his management skills as one of the world’s fiercest CEO with an increase in both the supply and sales in the organization.

During his tenure, the Nationwide Financer’s Sales and Distributors group raised its capital base from $11billion to $17.8 billion within a short time. He is a certified business coach, and at times he also trains the other trainers. For instance, he has made more than 100 individuals succeed in business from this training. In 2014, he was able to manage Financial Institution Back Channel lifted it to the high levels of profits then he later expanded it from $1.5 billion to $18 billion.

David Giertz had also contributed much in advising the youth on the issues of finance and financial freedom among the teenagers. He specifically made them aware of how one can get the best retirement package from just what he/she saves. He uses three principles to explain this.

The first one is the principle of the compound interest. He advises the young entrepreneurs to get into the saving involving the financial institutions to enjoy this advantage. He states that only the money that you deposit into your fixed deposit account gets taxes. No transaction fee is charged on the amount withdrawn

Secondly, on the principle of understanding of one’s financial health, Here David Giertz says that if you can understand how you spend your cash, then there is nothing that can destruct you from saving for your future financial benefits. He insists that you should pay any loan you awe anybody as soon as possible since they hinder the possibility of you saving any money for old age.

Lastly, the principle of killing two birds using one stone. He says all the ambitious entrepreneurs should consider starting many businesses so that they don’t lack the capital that they require on a daily basis. Similarly, this is also meant to increase the capital base that the individual has.

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