New Coffee Mug Is Nearly Impossible To Spill

If you have ever tried to carry a cup of coffee along with a bunch of papers, then you have probably spilled it or came close to spilling it. Spilling coffee can ruin your morning. Fortunately, there is a new coffee mug that many people claim is unspillable. The mug was created by the Mighty Mug Company.

The mug was created using Smartgrip Technology. It acts a lot like a suction cup. The mug can sit on just about any flat surface. It also has an airtight seal. The mug is very difficult to knock over. Even though the mug is difficult to knock over, it is easy to pick up.

A person who manages the Unbox Therapy YouTube account decided to put the mug to the test. He purposely tried to knock over the mug. The drink did not spill. If you are interested in buying one of these mugs, then you can visit the Mighty Mug website. You can also purchase the mug from the Amazon website. It costs $25.

People who have used the mug have been pleased with it. One person stated that the mug is an incredible invention. Other coffee mugs are easily tipped over, so this mug is one that people have been waiting for.

People also like the fact that the mug can fit in a stroller or car cup holder. This mug makes a great Christmas gift for coffee lovers.

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