Nick Vertucci’s success journey and his quest of improving the lives of many

Perhaps you have heard the saying that you can be born poor, but if you die in a state of poverty, then it is your fault. With hard work, determination and passion for whatever field you decide to venture in will always pay out. Nick Vertucci is the founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) which focusses on sharing the knowledge Nick has gained over the years to order real estate investors to better their investment knowledge and therefore profits.

Nick Vertucci was not born a millionaire nor did he inherit his fathers or parent’s fortune. On the contrary, he has passed through some hardships in life that he did overcome with courage. When Nick was ten years old, his father passed away. This left the family strained financially, and Nick remembers having to stay awake for long hours waiting for the mother who was forced to work two jobs after the demise of her husband. At the age of 18, Nik lived in his pickup truck.

Nonetheless, he was a hardworking young man and was destined for success. He picked himself up and ventured into computer spare parts business. The business did well and gave the then father of three a stable source of income for his young family. But as fate would have it, the dot-com menace affected his business and rendered him jobless.

Nick exhausted his savings, and he stayed jobless for 18 months surviving on debts. Nick remembers a decision that made his life change for the better. From a man surviving on debts to a millionaire that today shares his secrets with others. During that time when he was jobless, a friend invited him to a real estate training class. Nick says the decision to attend that training is one of the best he has ever made. He loved the ideas and concepts that were being taught at the training, and he kept attending the classes, doing reach until one day he decided to be a real estate investor himself.

Nick is many things, but he is not a selfish man. He is a selfless mentor and radio host of the program called The Real Estate Flipping Hour. Through NVREA, Nick accepts all persons interested in investing in real estate and teaches them the tricks of the business. How they can remain successful in a field that is affected by so many factors. Nick Vertucci has simplified his approach into Get in, Get out and Get paid whereby the students are taught how to buy houses at a lower price, what to do to increase the value of the property and the right time to sell to get maximum returns.

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