ORGANO Introduces Two New Supplements For Energy And Detoxification

ORGANO recently announced the addition of two new products to its health management program. FENIX XT is an energy drink mix, and FENIX DX is a detox support supplement. The two products are part of the ORGANO OGX Body Management line. New and existing customers can order the products directly from an ORGANO distributor in the United States or from the company’s website in Canada.

The OGX Body Management Product Line

In 2016, the innovative OGX line debuted. It started with the OGX FENIX shake mix, which was an instant success. It was so popular that it became the best-selling product line in the history of the company. With the addition of the DX and XT products, the OGX Body Management line will have an integrated nutritional support system with detoxification and energy boosting benefits. Energy and detoxification are both essential components of body management whether a person wants to shed pounds or maintain a healthy weight. ORGANO maximizes the benefits of the product line’s latest additions with its organic spore powder, Ganoderma lucidum mycelium and organic Ganoderma lucidum supplements.

FENIX DX boasts the sweet flavor of pink lemonade. It is a supplemental drink mix that supports the body’s natural detoxification processes while boosting the immune system. Also, its herbs facilitate proper digestion and overall digestive tract health. The licorice and aloe help soothe the digestive system. DX also contains chamomile to reduce stress, and the vitamin C supports immune function. The supplement does not have caffeine. It is safe for daily use. ORGANO representatives have been educated about this new product and its entire list of ingredients, which can be obtained by contacting a distributor.

The XT supplement is an energy powder with a fresh flavor combination of mango and peach. Users can add it to water or another drink to give them a noticeable boost of energy. XT is designed to increase focus, stamina and energy. There are several helpful antioxidants in the powder. Additionally, it boasts rhodiola, which is a substance that Olympic competitors use to increase their endurance and stamina. The supplement has a low sugar content, and there are small amounts of taurine and caffeine. ORGANO puts smaller amounts of these substances in the powder to help users avoid the crash that happens after drinking sugared energy drinks from grocery store shelves. Also, it is designed to reduce the jittery feeling associated with higher levels of caffeine and taurine. XT may be used to provide energy for a workout or as a substitute for a morning cup of coffee. Customers can obtain the full list of XT’s ingredients from an ORGANO distributor.

A Company With A Mission

After announcing the release of the new products, ORGANO’s CEO and co-founder said that the company started because there was a need for products with unique nutritional benefits being a part of everyday life. He said that balancing nutrition is one of the main goals of ORGANO. With its ingredient list, the company shows its passion for helping people around the world achieve their fitness goals and maintain their health. He explained that the OGX product line is more than just an energy boost or an occasional detox shake. It is a full line of products that work collaboratively to optimize metabolic activity and provide ample nutrition for adults.

The CEO also said that the OGX product line proves its multi-faceted benefits by supporting every internal system in the body. There are ingredients that target each one individually or simultaneously. He stated that OGX will be the company’s new gold standard for supporting activities and maintaining a healthy body. In addition to providing physical support through high-quality supplements, the company prides itself in providing exceptional customer service. ORGANO’s digital support network includes email, social media and more. With the company’s unique X4Ever program, customers receive special emotional support to help them express their feelings, share their success stories and overcome any struggles.


Although it dropped part of its name recently, ORGANO was originally founded in 2008. It is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and is a privately held company. ORGANO was started by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. They had a vision of taking the world’s most powerful nutrients and combining them to create premium health products. It all started with a special cup of coffee, and the co-founders wanted to share the experience with Canada and the rest of the world.

The ORGANO products are designed to be taken together on a daily basis to yield maximum benefits. To ensure that all products yield maximum benefits, ORGANO infuses them with mushroom extract from the Ganoderma family. The substance is commonly called reishi. Today, one of ORGANO’s top priorities is spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma extract to the entire world. It is one of the most powerful key ingredients in their supplement line.

The entire line of ORGANO products can be purchased from independent distributors. Also, the company welcomes interested individuals to sign up as distributors if they enjoy the products. As distributors, they receive special membership perks and discounts on ORGANO products. They have the opportunity to earn money by sharing the products with friends and turning them into customers. People who become distributors have access to full training and support online.

In addition to ORGANO’s powdered energy and detoxification supplements, it sells teas, coffees, personal care items and various nutraceuticals. People who want to receive the products regularly can sign up as preferred customers. Although most of ORGANO’s customers are in Canada and the United States, the company sells its products in 51 countries across six continents.

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