Onelogin Sets a Date For GDPR Compliance

The European Union has recently enacted new policies and regulations on security into law. The duty of ensuring that both private and public companies adhere to these new rules has been tasked with the General Data Protection Regulation. One of the companies under scrutiny is OneLogin. Since the enactment of these regulations, OneLogin has been one of the firms that are laying down strategies to adopt the set data protection regulations. On choosing the new guidelines provided, OneLogin which is one of the trusted security solutions providers will increase the security of their systems, their privacy program and this by extension will see OneLogin’s clients benefit from increased and comprehensive data protection.

OneLogin has been committed to following the industry set regulations, evidence to this, the security solutions firm was one of the earliest adopters of the ISO 27018 certification. The commitment to providing exceptional security solutions has been OneLogin’s priorities. When the Safe Harbor got invalidated and obsolete, OneLogin was on the frontlines on changing tactic by reporting to the General Accepted Privacy Principles which they used to offer the company’s Data Processing Agreements.

The General Data Protection Regulation is different when compared to other oversight institutions before it. The GDPR is very keen and strict on enforcing their mandate, which they do without complexity. In the past, most firms spent a lot of years comprehending what was needed from them before implementing strategies to make sure they complied with the new regulations. As of now, these institutions don’t benefit from the extended time limits on policy compliance. The next time you hear a company claim that they are GDRP ready, don’t take their word for it without doing your background check. OneLogin has already started adopting the regulations set in place and are scheduled to be in full compliance by May 2018.

Due to the massive reliance on technology by both people and enterprises, OneLogin has made it its mission to provide flexible security systems that are strong enough to deter the malicious attacks from hackers while at the same time making sure authorized parties can only access information.

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