Denver Coffee Shop Reopens Despite Protests

It is a little unusual for a coffee shop to be the subject of protests, but that was the case for one coffee shop in Denver. The issue at hand was a sign that the shop had put out when it was still in business the first time. The sign read: “Happily gentrifying the neighborhood since 2014”. It appears to have been a little bit of a tongue-in-check type joke that was definitely taken the wrong way by some people.

The ink! coffee shop as it is known had a handful of protesters gathered outside its doors when they reopened the building. Those protesters were calling on the resignation of the Denver Mayor and a Denver City Council member due to their reactions to the controversy. The leader of the protests said that the city did not elect leaders who just show up when the cameras are turned on. He wanted leaders who showed up when there were no cameras.

He went on to say that the city is pushing out minorities due to some of the policies and ways that business is taking place in the city. He did not appreciate that the coffee shop seemed to be enjoying the gentrification process that he so despises.

The founder of the coffee company has since called the sign that they put out callous and uncalled for. He says that it was a “blind spot” in the company’s history, and he said that the same mistake would not be made again in the future.

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