Tips For Brewing Your Own Coffee At Home

Many of us cannot start our day without our morning cup of coffee. However, coffee can be quite expensive. If you purchase a $2 coffee per day, then you will spend $60 per month. The good news is that you can save a lot of money by brewing your own coffee at home. You will also have more options if you brew your own coffee at home.

One of the keys to making great coffee at home is to buy freshly-roasted coffee beans. You will have to use the beans fast once you open the package. The beans have a tendency to degrade quickly.

Coffee is made up of 98 to 99 percent water. That is why good-quality water is essential for making good coffee. You will need to use filtered water in order to make coffee. You will also need to measure in order to ensure that you get the proper ratio of beans to water. Generally speaking, you need 16 parts water to one part ground beans.

You will need to use the right hand grinder. A good grinder will allow you to grind several coffee beans in less than one minute. Additionally, you will need to use the right brewing device. You can prepare coffee at home in just 15 minutes. However, the amount of time it takes to brew coffee can vary.

You can save $180 by brewing your own coffee at home. You may also be able to make better coffee.

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