Coffee May Benefit Those With Chronic Kidney Disease

WebMD discusses the findings from a new medical study which found that coffee and other caffeinated beverages may help increase the lifespan of those with chronic kidney disease.

The study found that, among the more than 2,300 participants with chronic kidney disease in the study, those who drank the largest amount of caffeinated drinks were able to extend their average lifespan by 24%. Despite this shockingly large number, however, the study was unable to find any conclusive reason for why this might be, or even how much or how little caffeine must be ingested before a person can see benefits.

“Our study showed a dose-dependent protective effect of caffeine consumption on all-cause mortality among patients with chronic kidney disease,” lead researcher Dr. Miguel Bigotte Vieira said in the report. “However, our observational study cannot prove that caffeine reduces the risk of death, but only suggests the possibility of such a protective effect.”

Additionally, before this method of treatment could ever be recommended to a person affected by chronic kidney disease, more testing would be required. Specifically, the original study did not specifically test those who drank caffeine against those who did not, meaning there was no dedicated control group.

Overall, while these results may be interesting to think about, more research will be necessary before any conclusive results can be presented. Even so, it’s important to remember that, should this turn out to be true, caffeine can have other negative effects on people and should be used in moderation.

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