How The Dirt Coffee Bar Is Helping Autistic People

Lauren Thome is the founder of the Dirt Coffee Bar. She stated that the company is committed to serving stellar coffee. It is also focused on helping people who suffer from autism. Lauren has a degree in educational psychology. She graduated in 2010.

The purpose of Dirt Coffee Bar is two-fold. It allows people who have autism to interact with other people. It also proves that autistic adults are able to work. Dirt Coffee Bar has been around since 2013. The company has hired 12 autistic people. There are also people with other developmental disabilities who work for the company.

The prices that are listed are suggested donations to the company. People are encouraged to try the coffee and then learn about the company’s mission. People often return to the company because they support the cause. Many autistic adults are able to be independent because of the Dirt Coffee Bar.

Daniel Boone is one of the people who works for the company. He stated that he likes serving customers because it brings a smile to his face. Daniel takes the light rail to work every day. He stated that working for The Dirt Coffee Bar is a dream come true for him.

Autistic people are more independent today than they were in the past. In fact, 14 percent of autistic people work for a paying company.

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