Christmas Tree Frappuccino Makes a Cameo Appearance at Starbucks

The Frappuccino was one of the drinks that helped turn Starbucks into a potent business force around the world and put them at the top when it comes to coffee chains. With the holiday season in full swing, the company briefly introduced a new take on that signature drink by offering the Christmas Tree Frappuccino.

The drink began being sold in Starbucks establishments on December 7, with those seeking a sugar fix undoubtedly being the first to make a purchase. That’s because it had a base of peppermint mocha, ornaments that were cranberry-laden and covered in caramel. For good measure, dried strawberry sat atop the drink, surrounded by an ample supply of whipped cream.

The five days in which the drink was available saw plenty of people getting a taste, with many Starbucks stores taking to social media to clearly show what the drink was all about. While many of the photos look similar, there appears to be enough flexibility to tweak the overall makeup and give it an air of individuality.

Making something like this unique helps provide some buzz, with the short time span for availability most likely setting the stage for a longer rollout next holiday season. Even though that drink is no longer around, visitors to Starbucks can still indulge in holiday options like White Chocolate Mocha, which joins the earlier Peppermint Mocha. Also, lattes are flavored in juniper, gingerbread and egg nog. All these are served in what’s also become a tradition, the red cup.

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