Dirt Coffee Bar Empowers Young Adults With Autism

One of the most serious – and often overlooked – disabilities in the world today would be autism. As someone who is on the spectrum myself, I can fully understand some of the difficulties others can have when it comes to social interactions. I have had to train myself to have better people skills even though for some people it comes completely naturally. That is why many individuals like me would be thankful for the Dirt Coffee Bar. Many individuals on the spectrum have difficulty finding jobs. Well, if the Dirt Coffee Bar has anything to say about it, then challenge accepted.

Lauren Thome is the founder of the Denver-based Dirt Coffee Bar, and her purpose was originally to simply serve “really stellar coffee.” Although she accomplished that purpose, she still felt something was missing. She had founded an organization to help people with autism, and she quickly realized that serving coffee was one of the best ways to help those who weren’t on the spectrum that yes, those on the autism spectrum are every bit as employable as normal-functioning adults.

Thome lists her prices simply as “suggested donations” and she and her employees have been thrilled by the fact that even though many of their customers originally come for the coffee, they later learn that this non-profit seeks to help those with autism.

Of course, jobs dealing with the public are generally not seen as good job with those with high-functioning autism. However, Lauren Thome is one individual who is seeking to change that by allowing her autistic employees to find the role in the business that works best for them. Kudos to her for sure!

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