Coffee Could Lessen Cancer Risk in Women

A recent study reveals that women who drink at least four cups of coffee a day could reduce their risk of endometrial cancer. Regular coffee consumption lowers the chances of endometrial cancer by 22 percent. Although drinking four cups of coffee was most closely associated with lowered cancer risk, women who drank two or three cups of coffee daily can also experience health benefits.Women who drank less than 4 cups of coffee had a percent lower risk of developing endometrial cancer, as opposed to women who didn’t drink coffee at all.

According to the study, endometrial cancer is the most common form of gynecological cancer. The study results were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting, and research fellow in medicine at Harvard Medical School Marta Crous-Bou confirmed that there is indeed a link between coffee consumption and lowered endometrial cancer risk. Crous-Bou was also the study’s lead author.

Nineteen previous studies were also used in the research to come to this conclusion. Around 40,000 women were observed; 12,000 of the women had been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and 28,000 had not been diagnosed with the disease.

A woman’s body mass index (BMI) was proven to be the reason behind the protective benefits of coffee, and research asserted that women with a higher BMI and were overweight or obese. Excess weight is a risk factor for endometrial cancer, so women who are of normal weight didn’t experience a reduced chance of endometrial cancer as a result of coffee consumption.

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