Coffee Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

Flight attendants on Southwest Airlines Flight 1539 from Orlando to Houston became alarmed on Tuesday morning when they smelled strange fumes coming from the plane’s cabin mid-flight. The plane was flying over Florida at the time and was directed to land at the nearby Pensacola International Airport. Both passengers and crew were quickly evacuated once the aircraft landed. After close inspection, the source of the strange smell was revealed to be a defective coffee maker in the plane’s cabin. The flight was then cleared for takeoff and resumed its planned route to Houston.

The incident comes on the heels of several bizarre occurrences requiring emergency plane landings in the last week. On Tuesday, a bathroom malfunction on American Airlines Flight 662 from Charlotte to San Francisco diverted the aircraft from its accustomed route. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Denver after the bathroom plumbing system became clogged. This is the not the first bathroom-related incident this month. On December 9, Delta Flight 453 from New York City to Seattle had to make an emergency stop in Billings, Montana to allow passengers to disembark and use the restroom after the plane’s toilets broke.

On Saturday, a more expensive beverage caused an emergency landing in Europe. Swiss Flight LX1327 from Moscow to Zurich was grounded in Stuttgart, Germany after a passenger repeatedly demanded additional champagne in business class. When the flight crew declined to provide her with more champagne, she became argumentative, and the plane was forced to land at Stuttgart Airport and deplane the problematic passenger.

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