Rocketship Education Offers Quality Learning to Low-Income Neighborhoods



Building a community requires the access and availability of well-meaning, developmental facilities like schools. John Danner and Preston Smith co-founded the pioneer Rocketship elementary school in San Jose, California in 2006 and later to other locations. This set of education facilities are a nonprofit network of public charter schools put up to cater for low-income neighborhoods by providing them with personalized quality education. Students in Rocketship education system perform exceptionally in their test scores as compared to other public schools. Rocketship seeks to provide access to sustainable, consistent and excellent education to students. Rocketeers are equipped with adequate skills, knowledge, and virtues to enable them face the future.

The school has adopted a mixed approach to learning through the blending of traditional teaching with online computer-assisted instruction. This ensures that students receive all-around care that they need while maintaining administrative costs at low levels. Rocketship applies two forms of curricula for lower and upper grades. Both sets of education outline develop critical character skills of students who have to deal with harsh lifestyles and occurrences growing up in low-income livelihoods.

Rocketship Education ensures that parents are actively involved in their children’s education. They are involved in carrying out panel job interviews of teachers who will instruct their children beforehand. Parents also get a chance to examine and evaluate the learning premises before admitting their children in the Rocketship schools. The schools accept applications from all children who are willing to attend any of the institutions. They stress on including applicants from within the school’s locale in order to develop a learned next generation of community members. Rocketship schools also cater for the entire families of the attendees by providing an internet center, a resource that is utilized by parents while they visit the school.

Rocketship education is sponsored by donors who give back to the underserved communities. They provide avenues that ensure change and personal growth to members of communities deemed poor. D.C Public Charter School Board voted in favor of Rocketship to enable them to expand their outreach due to its outstanding performance. Rocketship operates 13 schools and has broadened its reach to Nashville, Tennessee and Redwood City.

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