Michel Terpins And The Brazilian’s Race Car Driver’s Recent Victory

There are many exciting things in the life of Michel Terpins, but one of the most exciting ones that are laced with true joy and passion for Michel Terpins is the experience he gets from joining the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. It’s not that hard to be passionate, but what’s hard is to excel in a passion that you chose. Let’s read more below to know how and what Michel Terpins right now is doing in his racing team passion.

The Sertoes Rally 25th Edition

In the middle of the horror of experiencing an accident in the rally, Michel Terpins still saw it part of his duty to push his desire to win in the really. With his partner Maykel Justo, the Bull Sertoes Rally Team was created, and the pair completed one of the most important and exciting rallies in the history of the racing. It’s also great that the team had reached all of the three stages in the race under the Prototypes T1 category. This allowed the pair to accumulate enough records to belong in the top 5 fastest teams in the competition. The victory was indeed worth the risk, even if they just scored 4th overall.

Another important essential information we should also include here is the fact that the pair raced all across the Santa Terezinha de Goias to Aruana, which is totaling to about 306km and which is such a large span to do. This was such a challenging victory knowing that the couple was forced to slow down because of some technical and mechanical problems that started just a few days ago before the game began.

What made the race even more challenging is the fact that the vehicles that the pair operated could not get the support they wanted at the end of their lap, especially after the T-rex #322 gearbox got damaged, and its rear suspension got also damaged. Even from those challenges, Michel Terpins still managed to be the current leader of Rally Championship team of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally team. Even with this hurdle, it was still a successful race, letting the pair finish 10th overall.

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