Pour-Over Coffee Is Becoming Increasingly Harder To Find At Today’s Coffee Shops

Being a coffee-lover, I appreciate the effort and ritual that baristas go through when they prepare pour-over coffee, but I’ve always thought it was a largely unnecessary process. According to a recent Eater article, I’m not the only person who feels that way.

The Eater article spotlights the shift back to machine-brewed coffee that is occurring at coffee shops across the United States. With most of the large U.S. coffee shop chains now being owned by major corporations, the interesting but slow, pour-over method is being phased out. The more-efficient and profitable method of brewing large amounts of coffee in machines appears to be back in fashion once again.

A co-founder of a NYC coffee shop says that the average barista can produce approximately nine pour-over coffees in an hour, while a coffee machine can produce roughly 100 coffees in the same amount of time. If there is a line of waiting customers at a coffee shop because the barista can only produce nine coffees per hour, customers won’t return to that shop.

Although most of the major coffee chains in the U.S. are switching over to machine-brewed coffee, some chains are sticking with their traditional pour-over methods.

One Oregon-based coffee chain is combining both the pour-over method and machine-brewing, by utilizing automatic pour-over systems in its shops. All of this makes me wonder if the average person could even distinguish the difference in flavor between pour-over and machine-brewed coffee in a taste test.

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