Starbucks New Menu Item – Blonde Roast Espresso

Starbucks releases new “Blonde” espresso to their menu this week after successfully testing the product in several locations including Canada, Texas, and Florida. The second espresso option, a blonde roast, comes as a surprise to many long-time Starbucks customers. For years there was only a single type of bean for the latte drinkers, despite being able to add creams and sugars. The original espresso has been renamed “Signature.”

American coffee kids have been setting the coffe giant’s trends over the past decade, and although they have an undeniable taste for the so-called nector of the Gods, they are coffee drinkers who are used to much a weaker coffee(often times more cream than coffee in truth) than say what is found in Europe and other parts of the world. Turkish for example, prefered by South eastern Europeans, for example is something that, while its aroma is pungent and pleasing, would turn most Americans stomachs due to it’s much stronger taste.

Blonde, a mixture of beans from East Africa and Latin America, will now available for purchase at all eight thousand plus Starbucks locations world-wide and the company says they plan on keeping it as a permanent menu item from now on out. Now all that is left for Starbucks is to work-out the kinks in their auto-loading espresso machines to reduce wait times at several hundreds of locations.

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