Starbucks’ New “Blonde” Espresso Provides Customers With A Lighter Option

If you’re a fan of espresso and/or Starbucks, it’s good to know that the global coffee chain is now offering a lighter-roast version of espresso, named the “Blonde” roast. A recent Grub street article tells of how the new lighter espresso option is being introduced at all of the 8,000 corporate-operated Starbucks stores in America.

The new blonde espresso marks the first time Starbucks has offered espresso drinkers an option in roast flavor. The blonde roast is comprised of a mixture of coffee beans from East Africa and Latin America, and is slated to become a permanent menu item.

It is stated in the Grub Street article that Starbucks is describing the Blonde as a “gateway” espresso option for customers who consider regular espresso to be too strong or bitter. The new roast is said to possess a smooth and mildly sweet flavor that customers really enjoyed in test-runs of the product.

The regular espresso that Starbucks customers worldwide are so fond of will still be available, however, it will now be known as their “Signature” espresso.

On a personal level, I think that there really is a big market for a ‘lighter’ version of espresso at Starbucks. Being a semi-regular customer of the coffee chain, I have heretofore avoided ordering espresso there, because I figured it would be too strong.

The name “Blonde” also seems like an appealing name to apply to a variety of espresso. Perhaps Starbucks could do an appetizing tie-in with brownie-like Blondie dessert bars.

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