Training at the Nick Vertucci, real estate academy.

The Nick Vertucci, real estate academy, was the brainchild of Nick Vertucci a man considered a real estate genius in the real estate circles.People who have worked with him attest to his integrity and hard work as some of the reasons why he is so successful in this sector.In a period spanning a decade and a half, he has been able to accumulate wealth that made him achieve his lifelong dream of securing the financial future of his family.

He made a promise to himself that when he achieved a certain level of success in the industry, he would train others on how to be successful in the same and secure financial independence for themselves.

The Nick Vertucci, real estate academy, began in 2013 with the vision of bringing in real-life solutions to the challenges that abound in the real estate career.He developed a curriculum based on his experience and that of others who have been equally successful in the same, and are personally know to nick as people of high integrity a key requirement for him and achieving success in the sector.The school endeavors to give hands-on training using skills from industry leaders who are now also in a position to train others.

The academy has focused on training its students to focus on the market and identify niches that will help them achieve success. It has, therefore, come up with various fields in which it trains on that include

Rehabbing and flipping properties

Commercial investments

Wholesaling and flipping contracts

Leveraging your 401K to fund investments

and Asset protection

This are just some of the areas that they are able to list as part of the core training mandate, but the actual training is more profound.

Nick also teaches his students on a strategy that he developed over the years on how to achieve the best in the industry.The approach is based on a pretty simple model but has proved to be very successful.It is a three-step process

Get in

This is where Nick Vertucci advises his students on how to chase and identify potential good deals.They then vet them before making the purchase.

Get out

this stage involves working on the property by initiating refurbishments as well as any other works that it requires then listing it on the market for clients to consider and purchase.

Get Paid

This is usually the last but best part of the steps.Once the property has been acquired, and all the deductibles made its time for the investor to cash in on the fruits of there labor.

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