Safety Experts Say Glitter Coffee Is Not A good Idea

A new coffee trend has some people delighted, but safety experts are worried. It’s so-called “glitter coffee” and it’s just what you think it is. It’s a rich, creamy cup of cappuccino topped off with a sprinkle of colorful glitter.

The problem is that coffee sellers are using real glitter, as in, it is not a food and non-edible. It’s the same kind of glitter you find in a craft store and sprinkle over glue, say, on a Christmas card.

But shops that are offering to dust your cappuccino say not to worry. The glitter may not be edible, but it is also harmless. The shiny bits just past through your system in a neutral way.

Health regulators are not so convinced. They do not recommend that coffee drinkers swallow nonfood glitter substances. They say the true heath effects of pouring glitter down your throat are unknown.

That hasn’t stopped the popular coffee-glitter trend from spreading across the U.S. Shops in San Francisco and New York, as well as points in between, have been found to be selling glittered brews.

Yes, we all know that cakes and candy products routinely contain glitter, but these substances are edible substances made from mostly sugar. It’s just candy, basically. The problem is that candy glitter does not sustain long on the surface of a hot liquid.

It’s uncertain if glitter coffee is a passing fad or a practice that will endure. So far, customer demand has kept it going.

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