There’s a New Brand of Coffee that is Supporting Women

Nowadays, women are feeling more empowered more than ever. There’s a lot of reasons for this from famous actresses speaking out to women gathering for marches. Women are rising to the top because they’re no longer afraid of stepping on anyone’s toes. This also means that women are uplifting other women now more than ever. Women are cheering on each other, supporting their business plans, and assisting them along the way. One way the vast majority of women are doing this is by buying products made by women.

It’s no secret that society loves their coffee! Many use it as part of a daily ritual, a pick-me-up, and a start to our day. For those coffee drinkers who want to support women, there is a way. According to Grubstreet, there’s a new brand of coffee called “unapologetically feminine” and it’s changing the way women drink coffee and support one another. The coffee brand sources all of its coffee beans from women in an effort to support them. They do this by buying coffee beans from women-run farms.

The founder of this coffee originally faced some backlash from people saying that not enough people would support this endeavor. The founder, however, said that she’s not worried about sales at all. She was right. Her coffee has seen such a success from people wanting to support what she’s doing. The coffee is called “City Girl” and the bag is trendy too, appealing to a wider variety of people. The packaging is bright and bold. It catches the eye of people, even those who weren’t setting out to support women.

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