Starbuck’s Blonde Espresso Makes Its Debut

For years Starbucks has been serving limited edition brews and seasonal beverages. As the new year begins, Starbucks has officially announced that they will serve a blonde espresso for their locations across the United States. The blonde espresso is the first time in over four decades that Starbucks has permanently added something new to their lineup of espressos.

The restaurant chain’s new blonde espresso has a balanced blend of rich cream, subtle sweetness and crisp hints of citrus. The flavors compliment each other and Andrew Linnemann, Starbuck’s Global Coffee vice president, states that they’ve broke a few of their own rules when creating this new light espresso roast. When it comes down to brewing espressos, the company is well known to serve a signature dark roast that is very bold in flavor.

Many fans of the coffee giant can’t wait to try it out, some have already made up their future concoctions on social media with captions showing their “blonde espresso shot iced coffees” and so forth. The lightness of the brew’s roast is perfect even for the non-espresso drinkers out there that shied away from the stuff long ago. The price of the new blonde espresso will cost as much as their Signature Espresso shot. It is anticipated that a little more than 8,000 Starbucks located in the U.S. will be offering the adventurous new brews.

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