The Chocolate, Espresso and Whipped Cream Drink At NYC’s King Restaurant Is Quite Delightful

The tasty combination of coffee and chocolate produces the delightful flavor known as mocha. Being a big fan of all things mocha, I was glad to read a recent Grub Street article that tells about a new chocolate-espresso beverage that is available at King restaurant in New York City.

The appealing mocha beverage at King is named the bicerin and it is widely acknowledged as being invented in the 18th century in Turin, Italy. The authors of the Grub Street article state that this hot beverage is a great cure for winter boredom, and it seems to be selling quite well.

Bicerin is pronounced ‘bee-che-Reen’ and the traditional drink contains no alcohol. The drink is constructed of different layers of ingredients, and looks almost as good as it tastes.

As served in a clear glass, the bottom layer of the beverage consists of bittersweet Valrhona chocolate combined with steamed milk and a touch of sea salt. The second layer in the drink is a medium-roast espresso, and the top layer of freshly whipped cream qualifies this beverage as a deliciously decadent item.

As an added treat, the bicerin served at King restaurant comes with an almond biscotto for dipping that proudly stands in the whipped cream. Situated at 18 King Street, at Sixth Avenue, King is open for lunch Monday through Friday, and dinner seven nights per week.

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