The sporting genius of Michel Terpins.

The 25th edition of the Sertoes rally would mark the second time that Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo would be sharing a cockpit as driver and navigator respectively. The two had first paired up in the 24the edition of the Sertoes rally and had been able to lead in two stages in that edition. Their car the T-Rex #322 would face a number of problems ranging from gearbox problems to failure of the rear suspension but would not prevent them from coming in fifth place overall. There relative success during Michel’s seventh outing meant that they had a bright further as a duo together. It is not a very normal occurrence to bring in a new navigator and be able to achieve the level of driving chemistry that this two had. They had from the onset of the 24th edition been able to enhance their communication and recognize each other’s cue’s an important factor in rallying. Their ability to have fun while in such a serious competition would also add to their ability to win and despite fan fears that the change of navigator would affect the performers of Michel Terpins, he was able to prove why is still among the best drivers in Brazil. The relationship between Michel and Justo would continue to thrive even during the rally off-season when they were able to harmonize their styles more and eventually develop a working formula that fit the #322 team. This harmony was what was being brought in the 25th edition, and even though the route would be longer traversing three states and passing through five cities, they were confident that they would improve on their previous performance. The T-Rex had also undergone some serious changes and enhancements stemming from its previous failures involving the gearbox and suspension. The new suspension had to undergo intense testing as MEM Motorsport sort to ensure that the car was on tiptoe performance level. The duo is confident that following these improvements the vehicle is likely to face fewer challenges and likely to help them perform better as they can free their minds from breakdown worries and focus on driving.

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