Reviewing the Perfect Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

The coffee world isn’t immune to trends. In fact, by its very nature, coffee seems to invite those seeking the latest and greatest flavor or gadget. You may have a coffee snob or two in your midst who are simply purists that want a full-bodied earthy cup of Joe. No flavored varieties for them.

At least gift giving for them needn’t be stressful. There’s a gift geared for the serious coffee lover in every price point, so if you’re one who belabors giving the perfect gift, your choices just got easier. In her article entitled “The Best Gifts for Coffee Snobs, According to 8 Coffee Snobs,” Maxine Builder provides a refreshing range of ideas.

From the humble, yet colorful coffee mug to a four-pack of cold pressed coffee, Builder provides each item with a thoughtful explanation of how the recipient would enjoy an added coffee-related novelty. She also includes a moleskin notebook as a possibility with a quote from a well-known coffee shop entrepreneur. He states that he can’t rely completely on his memory to get the tasks in his life accomplished. He carries a lined moleskin notebook with him everywhere.

Of course, if funds allow, and you really want to pamper the coffee-lover in your life. Builder has not let the marvels of modern equipment, such as a high-end espresso maker, escape recommendation. In this world where a simple cup of coffee meets trendy café, there seems to be room for everyone to enjoy their blend.

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