And the Winner is . . . The French Press

After coming across a discussion board on Reddit entitled “The Beloved French Press,” it’s difficult to imagine why anyone would want to continue using any other type of coffee pot. Each person has contributed an element that assists in answering the original poster’s inner debate between using an AeroPress and a French Press.

One of the respondents included a YouTube video, “The Ultimate French Press Technique,” which is well paced and thorough. In it, the instructor explains precisely how to measure, how long to wait, and how to press the liquid through the strainer in order to achieve the best results for a consistent high-quality cup of coffee.

Some disagree with the method outlined in the video stating that it takes too long and over brews the coffee. Their perspective is that a brew should not last more than six minutes, and this method advocates a process that takes over 10.

Even with the odd digression, most agree, however, that a quality cup of coffee starts with freshly ground beans. While some feel that a lighter roast would minimize the bitterness, the general consensus is that a good cup of coffee takes a little more effort and time than the typical coffee pot generates. The rest, honestly, seems to boil down to personal taste.

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