Nothing Is Hotter That A Cold Cup of Coffee

Coffee trend watchers are dazzled by the remarkable surge in demand for cold brewed coffee. Consumption of cold brewed has increased by an amazing 580% since 2011, and the curve is going nowhere but up.

Cold brewed coffee is generally prepared by steeping beans in room-temperature water for 24 hours. Making coffee this way increases the oxidation process as the beans break down and release their flavors. The result is a sweeter coffee because it is less acidic.

It’s this sweeter taste that appeals to millennials who are driving much of the demand for cold coffee. Sweeter cold coffee also lends itself to another increasingly popular way to consume the dark brew – in the form of creative coffee cocktails.

The Future Laboratory, a London-based firm that conducts scientific analysis of future trends, predicts that cold coffee cocktails will experience significant increases in demand during 2018.

Researchers there say exotic and innovative new beverages based on traditional flavors, such as coffee, are getting a boost from globalization. A coffee trend that springs up in New York, for example, can easily make the leap across The Pond and spread through trendy European venues.

Another unexpected trend in coffee consumption are brands or specialty shops that lace the beverage with mushroom powder. Asian tea drinkers have been adding powdered reishi mushrooms to their hot drinks for centuries, but now it’s catching on with coffee.

The main selling point of mushroom coffee would seem to be health benefits over taste, although many like the flavor a dash of fungi adds to their daily java.

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