Blue Bottle Coffee opens first shop in Boston.

Harvard Square in Cambridge has been chosen as the first location for a new Blue Bottle Coffee in Boston.
The area is the home of unique shops, dining experiences and boutiques which is home to intellectuals, college students and scholars from nearby Harvard University.
“In a place where literature and sports stoke equal passions, we are confident that our bibliophilic baristas and fidelity to coffee will fit right in,” posted Blue Bottle’s marketing team announcing the opening.
“At Blue Bottle, we like to think of ourselves as a literary group of coffee lovers.”
Blue Bottle is one of the premier establishments in “the third wave” coffee scene. The movement has made coffee more into an art form than a simple means for a caffeine boost to one’s day. The discerning coffee sippers bypass Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks to find the third wave establishment for what many call a coffee experience.
Blue Bottle Cambridge will introduce Bostonians to the company’s list of specialty coffee products including the beloved Hayes Valley and Opascope Espresso blends. Another option is to patiently wait for a hand-poured coffee. Watching the barista’s almost ritual-like production of your personalized coffee is certainly worth the wait.
The new Boston venue seats approximately 22 guests in a 1,400 square foot space. The polished concrete floor and white walls and tables is an attractive and simple feature of the café.
The company, which is owned by Nestlé, has 50 cafes throughout the U.S. with one in Tokyo.

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