Michel Terpins brings passion to rally racing

Michel Terpins and his T-Rex are showing Brazilian rally fans that what a passion for rally racing can do. Born in 1979, he inherited his love of competition from his father, Jack, who was a well known basketball player. Michel started his racing career in 2002 with motorcycles before eventually moving to rally cars. Since 2015 Michel has been driving the powerful V8 T-Rex car.

Michel is well known for his passion and desire to win and he has taken numerous trophies for those victories. Recently he participated in both the 22nd and 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally. Michel won the 24th edition of the rally, a significant achievement considering the difficulty of the race which can span 3,300 kilometers.

In the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally Michel won two of the three stages. While mechanical difficulties slowed the car during the third stage, he managed to finish the race in 10th place overall and fourth in the prototypes T1 category. Terpins is always sure to credit his navigator, Maykel Justo, saying that they make a perfect team.

Michel has participated in the Sertoes Rally a record ten times. Widely considered one of the best drivers in the Brazilian rally champion in prototypes T1 division, he and his brother Rodrigo founded the Bull Sertoes Rally team. The team continues to prove dominant and is seemingly always near the top of the leaderboard every time they race.

Michel Terpins love for automobiles started when he was young and started repairing cars. Coming from a family of sportsmen to drive his competitive desire and with racing experience since 2002 he is likely to be continue to be both a fan favorite and a leading driver for years to come. His victories have continued to grow and his reputation as a top driver is undeniable.

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