Minneapolis’ First Cat Cafe Opens

The first cat cafe in Minneapolis will open this Friday.

The establishment has been the dream of its co-owner, Danielle Rasmussen, since 2014, and now it’s coming to fruition at last in the form of the Cafe Meow’s grand opening.

“Cats are wonderful but people don’t really have a public place to explore that interest or enjoyment. There are dog parks, and people can bring their dogs onto patios and now there are even breweries where people can bring them. Cats don’t travel as well, but it’s really important for cat people to have a place like this,” said Rasmussen.

On the public’s adoring obsession with all things kitty, Rasmussen had to say, “I don’t know, they’re just so cute – have you ever looked at one?”

The licensing required to open a cat cafe is complicated. The establishment opened by Rasmussen and her business partner Jessica Burge has two sides. One is officially the cafe and is licenses as a restaurant. This is where people can order coffee, other drinks, and snacks. Then diners take their food over to the other side of the cafe, which is where the kitties are. The feline side of the cat cafe has different licensing, technically as a pet shop and kennel. Burge and Rasmussen had to petition the public of the Twin Cities to keep it from being classified as a shelter, which would have provided its own complications.

The Cafe Meow’s grand opening is this sixteenth.

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