Coffee Can Help The Fight Against Colon Cancer

It seems that drinking coffee can help the fight against colon cancer. Doctors found out that drinking four or more cups of java a day can significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer reappearing in people previously diagnosed with the disease. For people who are currently diagnosed with colon cancer, drinking four or more cups of coffee has been found to greatly reduce the chances of succumbing to colon cancer.

All of these are great reasons why people who are afflicted or at risk for redeveloping colon cancer should continue drinking coffee. One of the doctors studying coffee consumption and colon cancer had this to say. Drinking coffee throughout the day has been found to aid in recovery and in preventing a reoccurrence significantly.

Over 1000 people diagnosed with colon cancer were tested to find the effects of coffee consumption and colon cancer. The biggest coffee consumers had the highest recovery rate and lowest reappearance rate of the disease. The fewer coffee people consumed, the higher the risk was of dying from colon cancer and risk of cancer reappearing.

Drinking plenty of java can not only help against colon cancer, but it can also help against diabetes. Consumption of the beverage has been linked to a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which is a common illness afflicting millions of Americans. One of the reasons why coffee could have so much health benefits is the fact that it is rich in antioxidants.

Other benefits of drinking coffee include stress reduction, boosting brain activity and improving mood. There are even possible skin and liver benefits. So drink up that coffee and don’t be afraid to drink several cups a day. It might actually be good for you.

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