Coffee Really Is Good for You!

Dear coffee lover, you have no need to feel guilty over your affection for java. Indeed, you are doing yourself a favor on many levels as you indulge in your favorite beverage. Extensive research proposes that a daily moderate intake of coffee yields a mega cup of benefits to your health.

Increased Longevity
Drinking up to five cups of coffee daily could lessen the risk of death from heart disease, neurological diseases and Type 2 diabetes. A study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health discovered protective attributes in coffee – with and without caffeine. This suggests that other chemical compounds in coffee are bestowing life-enhancing benefits to faithful drinkers.

Durable DNA
The European Journal of Nutrition published a study in food research and molecular nutrition which links drinking coffee with stronger DNA. The study found that coffee intake “decreases oxidative damage in the peripheral white blood cells”. This results in one-third fewer occurrences of DNA deterioration.

Reduced Cancer Risks
A 2015 study has indicated that consuming four or more cups of coffee daily may lessen the risk of malignant melanoma by one-fifth. Earlier research suggests that coffee may reduce the risks of other non-melanoma skin cancers. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk for liver cancer and liver cirrhosis as well.

Improved Brain Health
Coffee not only provides transient mental and emotional perks; research show evidence of significant long-term benefits for the brain. Drinking three cups of coffee daily appears to hinder the onset of mild cognitive impairment, which often precedes Alzheimer’s, and dementia. In a recent study, elderly coffee drinkers achieved higher scores and demonstrated superior intellective ability on tests.

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