Cannabis Coffee Startup Sets Up Own Canning Business

After a falling out with a previous canning company, infused cold brew coffee startup Native Jack will be starting its own canning business. Setting up shop in Longmont, Colorado, Full Metal Canning has already secured some investors and a canning machine, having begun processing coffee since then.

Full Metal Canning was made for two reasons, at least according Native Jack’s founder Jason Walsh. The first is to replace his previous can producer and provide himself an easy way to can his own beverages. The second is to help other small beverage makers like himself find affordable and reliable ways to package their goods.

His plan involves “taking advantage of shared resources, (while) giving people an opportunity to run their operations independently” inside the Full Metal Canning space. This idea seemed to resonate with other business owners in Longmont, as Walsh reports that the spaces available for other companies filled up quickly after being offered.

Canning beverages is an ideal way to keep them fresh and tasting their best, especially when it comes to coffee. Sealed cans prevent the coffee and any ingredients it may be infused with from losing their potency when exposed to air.

Native Jack itself specializes in infused coffee, its mainstays being cannabis derivatives cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp seed oil, though they also feature spice and condensed milk infusions. Originating in Louisville, Kentucky, the business has grown quickly in a short amount of time.

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