Social Security Insights By David Giertz

David Giertz is an adept financial advisor who currently works as the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales, a post he has held for five years now. Owing to over three decades of experience in the investments industry, his advice is almost incomparable. Moreover, he provides economic advisory services to the National Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio.

Additionally, David is an impressive broker, accredited by FINRA, the watchdogs that license brokers and authorizes them to carry out their daily operations. On top of this, Dave also provides portfolio management services to interested parties.

The Importance of Social Security Advice.

A considerable portion of financial advisors is neglecting their duties by failing to inform their clients on issues regarding social security, according to David Giertz. This is a particularly worrying concern, as a recent survey revealed that 80% of clients would fire advisors who refuse to discuss on this contentious issue. Therefore, David recommended that advisors should put this aspect into consideration, as it is a prime means of both satisfying and retaining existing clients.

The primary reason behind the overlooking of the matter as mentioned above is perhaps its complexity. The voluminous nature of the social security handbook often discourages prospective readers. As a result, a majority of advisors have inadequate information, making them unconfident in discussing the contents of the book. David reiterated the importance of acquainting themselves with the rules, as this will allow them to use a simplified approach when talking to clients.

David Giertz also highlighted the alarming rate of retirees who start eating into their social security savings way before the appropriate time. Typically, they end up losing up to a whopping $300,000 per individual over a period of 25 years. This is the consequences of insufficient information.

Finally, David stressed the importance of sharing knowledge on social security, citing better usage of funds and client retention as the main reasons.

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