1850, More than a Coffee Line, It’s a Story in a Cup

Folgers Coffee, a subdivision of J.M. Smucker, is making a monumental move. On the 21st, the company announced it will be releasing a line of coffee that would meet the changing tastes of its consumers. The new line, 1850, goes back to the company’s innovative roots. Then, William H. Bovee pioneered selling pre-roasted, ground, ready-to-brew coffee to merchants and miners on the west coast. This was a time convenience and offered a great taste. Just like then, statistics show consumers desire coffee with easy preparation that tastes good.

According to the National Coffee Association, younger coffee drinkers do not feel secure in their ability to produce a great tasting cup of joe. The rise in popularity of single-serve brewers, ready-to-go drinks, and coffee shops reflects this. The last two years, Folgers did their own marketing research. They found their target audience also wants to buy great taste and a story to go with it. Set to launch in April, 1850 will provide consumers all of this.

Folgers’ new line is made of 100% Arabica beans, steel cut, and roasted by fire. 1850 will feature 4 flavor intensities: Lantern GlowTM Light Roast, Pioneer Blend Medium Roast, Trailblazer Medium-Dark Roast, and Black Gold Dark Roast. The company hopes their wax seal laden packaging and single-serve K-cups will give younger drinkers the story, taste, and preparation ease they’ve been looking for.

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