Michel Terpins’ Prowess in Rally Driving

One of the exceptional driver who is widely recognized in Brazil and its environs is known as Michel Terpins. Born and raised in Sao Paulo in Brazil, Michel Terpins chose a career in the sports field as he comes from a family that excels in sports. Two of the members of his family are sportsmen in different areas where his father was a great player in Hebraica basketball when he was a youth while his elder brother is a talented rally driver. Also, Michel Terpins is experienced in both motorcycle and car rally racing since he first started his race profession in riding before joining the car categories.

How Michel Terpins Established Himself in the Motorsport Field

Michel’s career in motorsport started in 2002 where over the years he has gained experience to become an outstanding car racing driver. His prowess in the rally racing has seen him achieve podiums and ranked in high positions in both the Sertoes rally and the Brazilian cross country races. Moreover, Michel is a co-founder of a Brazilian team known as the Bull Sertoes which he established together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins. Nevertheless, Michel prefers to compete under the category of T1 Prototypes with his navigator Maykel Justo.

Michel has been involved in many competitions which are mainly under the Sertoes editions and emerged victorious in most races. He participated with his partner Justo in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally where he was in the lead before their car developed engine malfunctioning which made them not to complete the race despite of leading in the first stage. The other memorable Sertoes competition was the 25th edition where the duo was ranked the fourth out of five fast drivers. Again, Michel and his co-driver were the 10th in the overall competition which had more than 280 competitors in all the combined categories.

Further, for the last four seasons, Michel and his brother combined their talents to work as a team as they were piloting the MEM Sports Car. The car known as T-Rex was designed with a V-8engine to make it more powerful to navigate the rough terrain where the competitions take place. Additionally, the teaming up of the Terpins brothers has earned them more recognition where they have thousands of fans who turn up for their events.

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