Drew Madden: Innovating Technology In The Healthcare Field

Drew Madden has been striving to provide better healthcare options and treatments by using innovation and technology. Madden is a graduate of the University of Iowa. He received a BSE in Industrial Engineering. Madden has been employed by Nordic, Cerner, and several other related corporations.


One area that needs addressing is billing fraud. New applications will track caregivers time spent with a client. Caregivers usually arrive at a specific time, complete their duties, and then log out. Some caregivers do not accurately clock in an out. They leave early, arrive late, or allow the patient to be left alone during the night.


The system for tracking hours is called EVV or the Electronic Visit Verification. Simply put, it ensures the whereabouts and time any caregiver spends with any patient. Cracking down on this type of Medicaid fraud will help patients receive better care and save money. A few software companies are working on perfecting the payroll system. One company is called CareWatch.


The state of Texas will not pay Medicaid bills until the care can be substantiated with a time verification system. No doubt, all 50 states will require this type of verification before payment soon.


Another area that the field of medical technology is tackling is coverage and copay. The current system of understanding what benefits are covered and for what amount can be very confusing. Technology that would allow doctors, hospitals, and therapists to see what a patient’s copay would be for a particular procedure at the office visit would save time, money, and frustration.


Currently, patients are prescribed treatment or drugs only to discover after the visit that it is not covered by the insurance company. Then the doctor will change the orders, or the office staff begins the task of getting prior authorization from the insurance. A much more efficient process would be to write for a covered benefit, or at least know the procedure is not covered but give the staff and patient adequate time to wait for possible authorization. See This Article to learn more.


Drew Madden has experience in medical technology and can see the need for many changes. He has provided much-needed input already in his career and looks to create even more meaningful systems in the future.



Source: https://drew-madden.com/biography/


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