Nick Vertucci- The Real Estate Guru

Technology is a highly versatile phenomenon that keeps changing. Businesses have to keep up with advancement in technology to remain relevant in the business environment. Currently, properties are being showcased online for prospective buyers to acquaint themselves with the latest properties on sale. Virtual tours are on the rise as they give aesthetic value to the presentation of projects that are on sale.

Changes in technology caused Nick Vertucci’s life experience a U-turn. Nick Vertucci was born of loving and caring parents with average income. His parents gave him a comfortable life. When he was ten years old, Nick lost his dad, and he spent less time with his mother who had to work longer hours to support the family. At the age of eighteen, Nick was forced to live in his van as he worked tirelessly to earn a living. He managed to sell computer parts and derive a decent income that he used to support his own family.

The onset of the dot-com generation brought a large grey cloud on Nick’s business. With the majority of computers becoming obsolete, the change was inevitable. He just had to adjust, in the process he lost a great deal of income due to the depreciating assets. He sank deep into debt in a bid to survive. After eighteen months of sheer struggle, one of his friends introduced him to a real estate seminar. Training was being offered for three days. The workshop was an eye-opener for Nick as he set out to learn all about real estate. He came up with a functional system that would then extract him from his debts and gave him immense financial freedom. This breakthrough is what led to the birth and steady growth of Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc.

Nick Vertucci is the founder and chief investor of NV Real Estate Academy, a company he founded in 2013. It is a project he started to equip people with financial skills that can be used to make sound investments in the real estate business. The NV Real Estate Academy teaches its students how to prospect deals, repair and refurbish property and eventually sell a complete project. Students are also taught techniques for overcoming possible challenges in real estate business.

Over the years, the NV Real Estate Academy has become popular with many students enrolling for the available education programs nationwide. The business of real is estate is highly profitable with the right prospects and property management.

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