Man Opens Coffee Shop After Overcoming Drug Addiction

Christian Zammas is a recovering drug addict. He is lucky to be alive. The doctor told him that if would have waited any longer to get treatment, then he would have died. He was shooting up heroin. He knew that he had to get help soon.

Christian managed to get treatment and turn his life around in just two years. He is now the owner of a coffee shop called Katora Coffee. It is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Christian has employed people who have reached out to him for help. He stated that he knows what it is like to need help, so he feels that it is his duty to give back.

Christian has worked as a chef in the past. Katora Coffee serves a variety of dishes including pastries, sandwiches and vegetarian cuisine. April Slayer is the co-owner of the shop. She stated that a lof of the downtown artists display their work in the shop.

The business will have its official ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 15. Christian plans to attend as many Fredericksburg events and team up with as many businesses as possible. Christian stated that so many people in Fredericksburg have helped them, and they are like family.

Christian decided to move to Fredericksburg a year ago in order to be close to his young sons. He met a woman named April back in August. The two are engaged and live together.

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