Coffee Pods And Machines Showing Declining Popularity With Consumers


.In recent years the rise of the coffee pod and the machines that make them have experienced remarkable growth among coffee lovers. But now the popularity with single-cup brewers has faltered significantly.

After robust double-digit rises in sales of coffee pods beginning in about 2012, the numbers have backed off to single-digit growth with the trend toward steeper declines seemingly on the horizon.

There are several reasons for the decline in coffee pod popularity. One is the concern among eco-minded coffee drinkers about the greater waste the single pods produce. Every cup made means another empty plastic container needs to be thrown out. Traditional coffee uses just a single package for many cups.

One of the initial and major advantage for coffee pods was the convenience factor. This has been eroded by modern coffee machines, however, because they can be programmed to do many things pod machines cannot. Modern machines can be set to automatically brew a single cup at a specific time, as when you wake up in the morning. It beats the pod at its own game.

A huge factor is price. The fact is, coffee pods and the machines are expensive. This is a significant disadvantage among the important millennial segment of the market. Young adults are often saddled with student loan debt, for example, or tend to be starting new, lower-paying jobs.

Pod sellers are looking for ways to counter the forces working against their industry model, such as making pod containers that are recyclable and designing lower-cost pod machines.

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