Starbucks Developing An Eco-Friendly Cup

McDonalds recently announced that it would be taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Starbucks has pledged to do the same. The coffee chain recently announced that it would be spending $10 million in order to reduce cup waste. Starbucks stated that it will be donating money to people who can develop eco-friendly cups. The name of the challenge is the NextGen Cup Challenge.

It will not be easy to develop an eco-friendly cup. Starbucks’ current cups are made out of 10 percent recycled fiber. The cups can help keep the cups warm. However, the cups cannot be reused and recycled in most cases. Anyone who comes up with a new idea will have to find a way to overcome this challenge.

Starbucks is open to using any of the working concepts at its stores. The restaurant also stated that it would be open to sharing its ideas with other restaurants. They want to do their part to help other restaurants serve drinks in compostable and recyclable cups.

Restaurants in the United Kingdom are also trying to reduce cup waste. A 34 cent tax will be charged on drinks that are served in a paper to-go cup. Starbucks restaurants in London also announced that they will be adding a 7 cent charge to cups that are served at the restaurants. The funds will be used to support a local charity.

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