Battery Operated Coffee Makers Are Now a Thing

Most coffee drinkers will stop at nothing to get their next cup of joe. Can we really blame them, though? That’s why restaurants, homes, workplaces, the bank, the library, and literally everywhere else is equipped with coffee makers. Civilization just basically revolves around coffee and its beautiful ability to keep people awake at all times.

What would happen if there was a power outage or you were stuck in the middle of nowhere without any electricity? You wouldn’t be able to get your fresh cup of coffee fix. It’s a terrifying thought for many avid coffee drinkers but luckily there might be a solution to never having to worry about where you’ll get your coffee from.

According to The Verge, a Japanese power tools company has created a coffee machine that runs solely on battery power. It’s literally your typical coffee machine with giant batteries stuck to the sides. The company says the batteries are powerful enough to brew about 5.3 cups.

This is great news for anyone camping, doing construction work, or caught in an emergency. It’s interesting to see how this will all play out and if they will be as popular as the company posts. Are they worth the hassle? Many people are surely wondering if it wouldn’t just be cheaper to grab premade coffee in a bottle. For now, the coffee maker is only available in Japan and will cost roughly $112. If it catches on, it very well could become a reality in the United States.

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