Local Coffee Shop in Chicago Generates Buzz

For those who are regulars of Everybody’s Coffee in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago the fact that the coffee shop is slowly becoming more and more famous hardly comes as a surprise. Their superior coffee grounds, provided only by companies that abide by Fair and Direct Trade standards, delicious baked goods, and fair prices make it one of the most popular coffee places in the Uptown area, and the city as a whole.

Even major news outlets like the New York Times have taken notice. Recently, the famed newspaper mentioned Everybody’s Coffee in an article detailing five places to see in Chicago. However what separates Everybody’s Coffee from your average coffee shop is the homey feel and incredible amount of space in the store allowing patrons to stretch out and get comfortable. Everybody’s Coffee’s meteoric rise is perhaps emblematic of the Uptown neighborhood as a whole which has vastly expanded and grown in recent months. Uptown has long been known for both its grittiness and good food, and Everybody’s Coffee fits the mold of the neighborhood perfectly giving it an authentic feel.

Moving forward it is certain that Everybody’s Coffee will continue to generate good press due to their unique culture and delicious tasting coffee. Luckily, the character of the shop is one that is so engrained in every aspect of their business that it is a safe bet that the fame will not be going to the owners heads, and regulars can safely assume that the quality of the shop will remain high — even with the oncoming fame.

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