Coffee Linked With Alzheimer’s Symptoms

Americans drink a lot of coffee. Some people can’t seem to get going in the mornings until they’ve had a least a cup or two. Others drink coffee throughout the day. However, a recent study may get people thinking about the long-term effects that coffee might have on the brain.

This week, a study was released by the group Frontiers in Pharmacology. This study focused on how the large amounts of caffeine found in coffee affected those who had the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The test was conducted on rodents. The rodents had a type of Alzheimer’s found within the species. The rodents where given the equivalent of five cups of coffee per day over a six month period.

The researchers then performed a test to see if the rodents with a form of Alzheimer’s who were given the caffeine behaved differently than another group that was not given the caffeine. The researchers found a difference in the two groups.

The rodents who were given the equivalent of five cups of coffee per day showed signs of increased anxiety. Anxiety is a symptom of those who have Alzheimer’s disease. Another symptom of Alzheimer’s is a fear of strange objects. The rodents also showed exacerbation of this symptom. The rodents did not show any exacerbation of memory loss which is most often associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

While this is just a preliminary test, some neurologist already urge their Alzheimer’s patients not to drink coffee. Others believe that more extensive testing needs to be conducted on human populations.

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