American Coffee Consumption At A Six-Year High

Americans continue to guzzle coffee at record levels. The National Coffee Association reports that U.S. consumers are drinking the dark brew at the highest rate in six years.

Even so, the trend is flat when compared with the previous year. The amount of coffee slurped over 2017 showed only a tiny increase in some categories and zero increase over many others.

It’s obvious that the much-preferred form of coffee is expresso with 24% favoring that form of brew. People drinking traditional coffee, such as that made with the most common drip method, lags behind with 16 percent.

Most of the coffee consumed in America is still that which folks make for themselves at home. In the meantime, coffee purchased outside the home showed a slight dip among the U.S. market base.

One trend is clear: Younger people are driving the surging popularity of gourmet coffee brands. Just 19% of people aged 18-24 drank ordinary or “traditional” coffee – but some 37% in that age range favored a more expensive gourmet brand.

People over the age of 60 still prefer traditional coffee. About 42% of older people opt for traditional brews while 37% prefer gourmet brands.

The most popular time of day for drinking coffee are morning hours by a large margin. Just over 82% drink coffee for breakfast while only 13% drink coffee in the evening. Some 41% of people polled said they drink coffee between the hours of breakfast and lunch.

The National Coffee Association has been following and reporting coffee consumption statistics every year since 1950.

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