Can Drinking Too Much Coffee Cause Cancer?

A judge in California ruled that coffee would have to come with a cancer warning. That has caused many people to rethink their coffee drinking habits. Coffee has acrylamide, which is a substance that has been shown to increase the risk of cancer. This substance is also found in vegetables that are cooked at high temperatures. It is also found in tobacco smoke.

The American Cancer Society has stated that the link between coffee and cancer is not clear. However, many people have decided to give up their coffee. Don Johnson, who is a college student, is one of those people. He used to drink coffee every day, but he stopped when it started to make him sick to his stomach.

Don has replaced coffee with green tea and water. He has a cup of coffee occasionally. He thinks that people should be more mindful about what they put in their body. However, some people do not care about the ruling. Brill Carrington used to work in a coffee shop.

Brill worked in a coffee shop for a year and still loves coffee. She stated that people should be more concerned about the caffeine in coffee. Large amounts of caffeine can be harmful to your health. Davis Cripe, who was a 16-year-old student, died after drinking multiple cups of coffee. Brill believes that coffee should have a stimulant warning.

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