Millennial Coffee Lovers Shaping The Industry With Lifestyle Choices

The way Millennials are drinking coffee is changing the entire industry. Young adults are leading a major trend toward drinking coffee outside the home. They see their choice of brew as a public statement about themselves. They make this known by frequently sharing pictures of their beverages choice on Instagram and other social media.

It seems that Millennials are deeply concerned about appearing “on-brand.” Their brand choices are a reflection of their sense of taste and a marker of their chosen lifestyle, says a National Coffee Drinking Trend (NCDT) report.

Furthermore, the NCDT study suggests that it is important for young people to have a “personal relationship” with their coffee selection.

All of this probably seems odd to their parents and grandparents who considered a cup-o-joe something you brewed up with a drip machine on the kitchen counter in the privacy of the home. Older American slurped up their coffee with breakfast before bolting off to work.

Today, however, Millennials much prefer buying coffee outside the home — and they don’t drink it just for the caffeine boost or to enjoy the taste. Making a coffee choice for them projects key information about their personal world view. It’s almost as much a part of their image as clothing and hairstyle.

Information like this is critical for marketing folks whose job it is to sell as much coffee as possible. The days are over when showing a coffee can in a TV commercial and people drinking and enjoying an ordinary cup of black coffee is enough to gain market share.

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